Are Tom Hanks’s jeans too tight? I don’t want Tom Hanks to be Tight Jeans Guy. Not his best moment.

So apparently Joel Silver threw a Memorial Day party or something and a lot of famous people showed up including Tom and Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. Hm. Jakey looks hot in that hat. And his pants are actually workable too. Excellent progress.

Earlier this month, Reese and Jakey attended his sister Maggie’s wedding in Italy. Needless to say, speculation is now building as to whether or not – and when – they’ll do the same.

At least not until Prince of Persia next summer, right?

Huge Disney release, so much riding on it…including the fact that by then, 2010, it’ll be 3 years since Jake was last seen on screen.

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