To be the dude in between Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy courtside at the Laker game last night? What would she thief in exchange for it?

Leo and Tom had a little Inception reunion while watching Los Angeles lose a close one at the buzzer to the San Antonio Spurs. It was a better effort than they’ve put up lately…but for a while now they haven’t been able to bring their best against the better teams in the league, not even with Leo’s golden touch? Maybe Leo’s golden touch doesn’t work until the playoffs.

What’s next for Leo?

Kissing Armie Hammer.

Leo and Armie are playing J Edgar Hoover and his lover in the upcoming Clint Eastwood directed biopic. Armie has revealed that there will be a LOT of snogging:

"It's not a kissing scene--it's a ton of kissing scenes.” (source)

Hot. Hopefully.

As for Tom Hardy – it’s encouraging that Lindsay Lohan still hasn’t conned him into some kind of pap opportunity yet. And …

Did you know he once slapped Paul Bettany in the face for talking sh-t about him on set?

It comes up during an interview in a French magazine between Vincent Cassel and Tom. Apparently this happened while shooting a movie called The Reckoning. Click here to read the transcript. Now I need to know what went down. Like, first priority.

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