So he winked at you several times did he? Well be careful then if you have work to do. Like Ryan Gosling, Tom Hardy can be terribly, terribly distracting.

Even with a toothpick in his mouth.

It’s an underappreciated art, the way a guy holds his body. This is part of Brad Pitt’s appeal too. That he’s not only pretty, but that his body can perform as well. Nothing is more disappointing than a beautiful man with the most unsightly walk.

Tom Hardy does not have this problem.

This is Tom working with Reese Witherspoon yesterday on the Vancouver set of This Means War. Am told they get along very well. Not like they’re about to have an affair well, no of course not, not like that, but well in the way that he loosens up her tight ass and she can let go a little, actually have some fun. They say everyone adores him on set.

Also attached – their co-star Chris Pine heading out of town, preferring to spend his weekend off in Los Angeles.

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