They started working on this movie a while ago – July 2012. There were production delays. The studio was concerned. But, finally,  last week, Warner Bros announced they’d decided on a release date: May 15, 2015.

5, 15, 15.

That’s still over a year out.

Also, I hope George Miller is good with 5s because that is not my good luck number. May 15, 2015 is just two weeks after The Avengers: Age of Ultron is due. You know. The movie that’s probably going to crush the box office? Not that anyone actually believes Mad Max: Fury Road will challenge Iron Man and all his friends, but still… they’re hoping to at least make their money back.

Here’s Tom Hardy in Australia yesterday to film more scenes although he was careful recently not to call them reshoots. It’s hard not to make that assumption though because, well, it hasn’t exactly been a smooth production. Now there’s a rumour that Mel Gibson might make a cameo. Is that supposed to make a difference? The Mel Gibson of 2013?

Charlize Theron is there too with her son. What are they going to do with her hair? It’s growing out, as you can see. And I wonder if she’ll have to go for the buzz again and start over.