Tom Hardy won the Rising Star Award at the BAFTAs the other night but didn’t show up to collect. Now London gossips are rumour-ing that he bailed on the event because he’s despondent about ending his engagement. Supposedly Charlotte Riley broke it off with him and he’s been pleading with her to take him back. This, of course, comes from the UK media and, as noted, time and again, they’re more miss than hit most of the time. And Gossip Cop is reporting that the two are still together, citing a source close to Hardy, so probably his publicist which, that too, isn’t always reliable.

So we are nowhere.

Having said that, if they were to confirm a split, it wouldn’t be surprising. And it has nothing to do with Lilo. Well, maybe indirectly.

Tom’s now entering a new phase of celebrity. He’s confirming huge projects, he’s working with Christopher Nolan repeatedly, he can do small movies and big ones, he’s suddenly making a lot of money, spending a LOT of time in LA. It’s not like it’s never happened before, right? If I’m Charlotte, I’m a little wary about that too. Sometimes a relationship can only exist within the confines of a certain reality. Two young British actors working steadily on the British scene, successful but not held under a microscope, perhaps when they look back, those will be the halcyon days before Hollywood came calling and brought along all its sh-t, including the likes of Lindsay Lohan.

I’m not saying they’re done. I’m just saying it’s HARD.

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