For you (which includes Sarah from Cinesnark) - Jeremy Renner in Spain promoting The Bourne Legacy. He looks great in that suit. Is it ok to say I prefer when he doesn’t smile?

And this for me - Tom Hardy with Charlotte Riley (they got her name right today) at the London premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. I’m really into him in that trench coat. Enjoy it now before he goes back to Namibia to make his Mad Max movie. He won’t be in front of a media camera again until Harvey Weinstein makes him promote Lawless. Are you tired of me saying how much I love him in Lawless? See two clips below that were released a couple of months ago that I never got around to posting. Gives you an idea why every male member of the press, gay or straight, in Cannes had a full blown crush on Tom Hardy by the end of the screening.