Many of you yelled at me very loudly over email when I last wrote about Tom Hardy because I posted these photos of him with Joel Edgerton in Paris last month at a promotional event for their upcoming movie Warrior. These ones of him at Comic-Con on Thursday ...are they slightly better? Ummm....

It helps, a little, when he’s wearing a hat. But he still has a really thick face. Massive head. And I’m just saying that what his body needs to be for The Dark Knight Rises is not where it needs to be to activate the quiver. Having said that, I did see him fly by the FilmDistrict party that night at the Hard Rock and what’s hot about Hardy isn’t so much what he looks like it’s how he moves, how he is.

That was a MAN striding by me, goddamn. He is a virile beast, and without effort. Tom was on his way to meet up with that belligerent loser Rhys Ifans. Earlier I saw him briefly at the Lionsgate cocktail party to celebrate its upcoming releases. He made Taylor Lautner look like a little one begging his big brother to take him to the ballgame.

As for Warrior, it opens September 9th, a movie about two brothers facing each other in the MMA ring. I know a lot of you are into the MMA thing. I’ve never been able to get into the MMA thing but I understand its uncomplicated appeal and support the argument that it is indeed as true of a sport as traditional boxing only better regulated and, frankly, less corrupt. It just... I mean it’s like the Big, Bang Theory for me. On a personal level, the interest, it’s just not there. In the same way for example that while you might love MMA, you cannot stand watching golf on tv kinda my favourite thing. Fair?

Photos from Richie Buxo/ and Michael Buckner/