Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio were in London together yesterday at a BAFTA screening for The Revenant. All we hear from The Revenant is about Leo’s performance. And even though many experts are predicting that Tom will be recognised for his work with a Best Supporting Actor nomination, Leo’s been eating up all the headlines related to the film with all his meat eating, bear f-cking, and being cold.

That’s the difference between the two though. Leo, as we know, as we’ve seen, as we’ve heard – incessantly for 6 months now – wants Oscar more than he’s ever wanted anything else, even models. And Tom? Doesn’t give a sh-t. Like actually has no f-cks to give whether or not the Academy calls his name. Also? Side by side like this? There’s one undisputed winner of Hot.

So, as we approach the Golden Globe nominations on Thursday, how’s it looking for Leo? The LA Film Critics, the Washington DC Critics, and the Boston Society of Film Critics announced their best of 2015 lists yesterday. DC picked Leo but Los Angeles chose Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs. Boston chose Leo, but tied him with Paul Dano in Love & Mercy. You’ll recall, the New York Film Critics gave Best Actor to Michael Keaton last week. And the National Board of Review went with Matt Damon. If the critics are any indication then, maybe Leo hasn’t locked this up yet. That’s great news for everyone. Because it’s been so entertaining watching him go full famewhore for this award. It means he’ll have to keep it in desperate gear for the next 8 weeks. By the time this award season is over, we might be able to call Leonardo DiCaprio an honourary Kardashian.