Tom Hardy, a member of my Five List, was in London last night at a charity event with his frequent collaborator Noomi Rapace. As you can see, Tom looks to have shaved his head again, Bane styles, which... is not my favourite.

It is also not my favourite when he makes that face. It’s the face he has on in that photo with Rhys Ifans. I hate that face. He does it ALL the time. God, Lainey, you are so fickle and unforgiving. Yes. Because it’s a FANTASY. It’s SUPPOSED to be perfect.

My point is we need the dog. Where is that dog? The dog enjoyed a few weeks of joy, and now it’s over, its fame days now long gone. The dog is like the canine equivalent of Chris Kirkpatrick.

You know the hottest thing about those dog photos? As our coordinator Emily remarked at the time, it was all the head biting.

And that reminds me of this. From a movie called The Take.

hardy - Created at

If you can’t see the GIF above, see below, starting at 1:50 and the money shot is at 1:55.

Come ON.