I posted photos of Woody, Tom Hardy’s dog, being a total boss on the carpet in London yesterday at the premiere of Legend. Woody didn’t want to go home after the movie. Woody took a disco nap in the afternoon and made sure he was ready to go to the afterparty. So here he is, arriving at the afterparty, with Tom opening the door to let him out. Because you will not leave Woody at home, not when you get to go have so much fun.

This is amazing to me. Because my dogs wouldn’t be able to function at the afterparty. Or any party. When we have a party at our place, after 10 minutes Marcus is always like, get the f-ck out of my house. As soon as he realises no one is going anywhere, he’ll take himself upstairs to bed. Barney spends the entire time mooching off of people.

Woody? Please. Woody doesn’t have to mooch. Woody probably had his own VIP table.

PS. This is the best, the f-cking BEST Tom has looked in a long time, right? Not too thin. Not too jacked up. Not too beardy. Perfect, just in time for TIFF!