Tom Hardy filmed a documentary called Poaching Wars With Tom Hardy. He’s trying to protect the rhinos and elephants! Said Tom:

“All over Sub-Saharan Africa, the poaching crisis is spreading like a plague. Cameroon, Chad, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have all seen large-scale elephant slaughter and throughout the rest of Africa, rhino and elephant are being killed in alarming numbers. The everyday effect of the poaching business on African wildlife is one of horror and cruelty that brutalises both the animals and the humans involved.

Like most of us I have a love for Africa’s magnificent animals. As a result I find it hard to stomach the poaching crisis sweeping the continent and pushing these amazing animals to the edge of extinction. Without doubt the rhino and elephant are facing extinction well within our lifetime and the war on poaching is being lost. I’m making these documentaries because it’s something practical I can do to ask some questions that need to be asked.”

Tom Hardy with an elephant


Tom Hardy with a puppy?

Here. I feel like you need a reminder of Tom Hardy and the puppy:

This would be the opposite of sh-t vs diarrhoea.

Click here for more information on Tom Hardy’s anti-poaching elephant and rhino rescue mission.

Thanks Lisa!