Tom  Hardy + Puppy, for the weekend. So it’s ok if you f-ck around today, rendered useless from so much cute. And please I don’t want to think about the puppy after. Like when the movie wraps and he’s all, wait a minute, I was so boss for a few weeks there and everyone cared about me and now why is my life so ordinary? Whose puppy is it anyway? Do we have to wait ‘til the junket to find this out? At least give us a name.

I’m also attaching photos of Tom Hardy with a production assistant type earlier this week. Because the week before that I received a tip from K who wrote:

“Been on the sidelines on the movie set of Animal Rescue for three days and have an interesting and quite curious observation. Tom Hardy had been making considerable attempts at concealing the fact that he and a pretty, long haired blonde had been arriving and departing together. The young girl appears to be employed in the production department.”

They’re just... coming from the same direction right? Do we move the folks along because there’s nothing to see? Or should we be stopping for a closer look? I’m sure it’s fine. Tom loves Charlotte Riley. Maybe Charlotte will turn up on set next week and the PA will turn out to be her best friend.