Burberry sent out a press release on Sunday night, announcing a list of celebrities wearing their brand at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Among them: Andrew Garfield, Douglas Booth, Geoffrey Rush, Michael Pitt, Shea Whigham, Ed Helms, and… Tom Hardy.

This was just after the red carpet had wrapped. So I started scouring the photo agencies looking for Tom Hardy. Especially since they were really specific about his clothing for that night. And it sounded mouthwatering:

Black 2-button grosgrain notch lapel tuxedo, dress shirt, tie and shoes all by Burberry

But Tom was not to be found. I was convinced that the photographers were at fault. I was convinced that they were too busy shooting Lea Michele’s hardposing to bother with the baddest hottest motherf-cker at the event.

In the end though, he wasn’t there to begin with. Because while describing his wardrobe, Burberry also noted that Tom is a “British actor starring in Inception, nominated for outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture” at the SAGs.

Inception was not nominated for Best Cast at the SAGs.

Wouldn’t it be funny though if Tom Hardy called up Burberry for a free suit just to take his fiancée out for dinner? Chill out. I’m sure he didn’t do that. I’m sure they simply screwed up their release and sent out Tom’s clothing information for the BAFTAs in two weeks instead. Inception is up for several BAFTAs. Tom will very likely attend the BAFTAs. So… SPOILER! Tom Hardy is wearing Burberry at the BAFTAs.

Yesterday however, upon arrival at LAX, Tom was wearing a Batman tee. As you know, he’s confirmed as the new villain in The Dark Knight Rises. Already showing his loyalties then.


Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com