“When we save a dog, we save ourselves.” That’s a line from The Drop and you’ll hear it when you watch the clip below. I mentioned a British invasion at TIFF in the open. Tom Hardy is part of that. He arrived here in Toronto yesterday in advance of tonight’s premiere. The Drop is James Gandolfini’s final role. Some are saying that if the film delivers, he could receive a posthumous Oscar nomination. Dennis Lahane, who wrote the script, calls the performance “magical”. That could be sentimental bias, sure, but there has never been any doubt as to Gandolfini’s force.

There’s also, of course, no doubt about Tom Hardy’s. Listen to his voice. The accent. OK, so maybe I’m not from New York, but it sounds good to me. Really, really good. Here’s a full minute voiceover. Convincing, non?

And then, well, you know this is the movie with the puppy. I know you remember those puppy shots. Those shots are nothing compared to the puppy in motion. With Tom Hardy. The puppy’s name is Rocco! Rocco is has a lot to do with Tom’s character develop. Rocco isn’t just a prop.

And here’s a scene between Tom and Noomi where Rocco’s tucked into the jacket.