Not going to lie…

Tom Hardy might have peaked at TIFF too early. It was Friday night and Saturday morning. And he was followed by Cara Delevingne and The Riot Club boys and Eddie Redmayne and Andrew Garfield and my two fried laptops and Mike Tyson just lost his sh-t in our building on a news anchor and suddenly it’s Wednesday afternoon.

Friday night. The Drop red carpet. I interviewed him for etalk. Someone emailed to ask me what he smells like. He smells clean. Not like laundry detergent clean, just clean. Beautiful eyes up close. The voice is growly, like how someone might sound when they’re impatient, except he’s not impatient he’s just intense. And very nice. I told him he was upstaged by a dog. He laughed, he said he fully expected to be. I asked him about Mad Max. “Can’t. I’m leashed.” At that point it just got real dirty in my mind. It was more dirty on Saturday when I was at the junket with him in his tight t-shirt though. Because his suit steeze right now isn’t great.

You know how he’s shooting that old timey movie Legend and he’s been wearing suits cut from the era? Pleated pants that are pulled up high and wider around the thigh? Wasn’t working for me. That didn’t matter in New York though because of the puppy, you probably didn’t notice from those shots.

He and Noomi have a really nice rapport together. The junket interview was paired so I had the opportunity to speak to them and watch them bounce off each other. For what it’s worth, they’re totally like brother and sister. That’s the only vibe I could feel. He can get super serious. And she kind teases the goofiness out of him. They’re fun to be around as a working duo.