Oh la.

Very good.

It’s been a long, long time since Tom Hardy’s looked this good.

Tom attended The Sun Military Awards last night in London in a trench over a bow tie. Yes?


Tom is starting to prepare for his role at Elton John in the biopic about Elton John. The film is called Rocketman. When asked about whether or not he’s getting some lessons, he told reporters:

“Oh, all the time. I'm always singing.''

And he’s been in touch with Elton too.

''It's all sort of under the radar at the moment, to be honest, but yes, I am [talking to Elton].''

Remember when the Coen Brothers talked about actors being musicians and musicians acting?

“You can get almost anybody who's got a modicum of talent through a scene, or two, or three, but you can't do that for an entire movie. For that, you need a real actor. There are more actors who play music more than reasonably well than there are musicians who act reasonably well."

That’s why Justin Timberlake couldn’t play Elton.