Tom Hardy was in Venice this weekend to promote his new film Locke. The timing could not be better. Because the last time we talked about Tom Hardy it was about his Twitter account. And that f-cking video. Click here for a refresher if you have to but if you couldn’t un-see it the first time, I don’t know why you would want to a second time.

Hardy is best when it’s about the work. And his work, this time in Locke, is once again said to be outstanding. The film features Hardy, and only Hardy, driving in a car talking on the phone the entire time. That’s it. Ivan Locke is dealing with some sh-t. And Hardy’s challenge is to show us the sh-t without the help of any other devices and from the waist up, in real time. If the reaction coming out of Venice is any indication, he succeeds marvellously. I’ve attached a clip from Locke below. This should help with the pictures. It’s not exactly his best side. And every time he makes his gangster face now I cringe.

'Locke' Clip from The Playlist on Vimeo.