Check out Tom Hardy at the premiere of Locke last night in Birmingham. He looks good. Yes. He looks good. But, I dunno, something’s …missing.

It’s a glow. It’s something. Right?

When Tom Hardy is hot, like super, super hot, there’s a warmth to him that radiates on his face. I don’t see the radiating here. Maybe he’s just tired. He’s been working almost non-stop. And they want him to keep working non-stop. Regarded as one of the most talented actors of his generation, even though his box office might not match the industry hype, Hardy seems to be on every list of potentials for every prestige project.

Critics are going bananas over his performance in Locke now too, in particular the Welsh accent he chose for his character. The Hollywood Reporter says that Hardy has delivered “an extraordinary piece of acting”. Time Out London calls it a “master class”.

Also, he’s married?

I just read this article about him in the Wall Street Journal and Charlotte Riley is referred to as his “wife”. If so, I love that they did it so undercover.