Every day I get email from you lusty bitches asking for more Tom Hardy. Here he is this morning heading out of Vancouver for a quick trip to LA presumably to tie up those Batman talks, make it all official with paperwork. At this point it’s just a formality. He’s in.

But as what?

Every Christopher Nolan is shrouded in secrecy so no one knows for sure right now but the popular guess is The Riddler. If you’ve seen Bronson, you’ll likely agree that Tom Hardy as The Riddler is a welcome prospect. Having said that, Nolan may choose to go the less obvious route, pick a villain less predictable. Or maybe he’s not even a villain at all. But that would be a waste, non? Hardy makes for a formidable adversary to Christian Bale. Their tension would be amazing.

Also attached, Hardy’s co-stars in This Means War Reese Witherspoon getting her morning coffee on the way to work today and Chris Pine yesterday on break from shooting.

Photos from Punkd Images