A trailer for Legend has been released. Tom Hardy plays real life gangster twins Reggie and Ronnie Kray. The film is due in September and will likely be yet another showcase of Hardy’s talent since it’s a double performance. At least that’s what they’ll say. Right now though, from this preview, the idea I’m getting is that one brother smolders and the other brother scowls. And the one who scowls almost seems like a caricature…? The way his mouth is always shaped into an open-mouth sneer. His slouch. All of the character quirks, It’s kinda extra. Like how a kid would play The Bad Guy in a school production.

Just me?

Probably just me.

In other Tom Hardy news, I linked to the final Mad Max: Fury Road trailer yesterday. Here it is… here he comes. 

Attached - Tom Hardy on the set of Legend last year.