Reese Witherspoon went to work on Friday on the Vancouver set of This Means War and spent part of the time kissing Tom Hardy over and over and over again. Poor her.

In other Hardy news, Christopher Nolan has confirmed the title of his third Batman film: The Dark Knight Rises. Am rather underwhelmed. You? Also, Tom Hardy will not be playing The Riddler. No one is playing The Riddler. The Riddler hasn’t been invited. A few of you however have suggested that Hardy would be a perfect Black Mask. My understanding of comic book history doesn’t even reach past grade school; I’ll take your word for it. The film is to start shooting in April and Nolan revealed that it will NOT be shot in 3-D. I love him.

In addition to The Dark Knight Rises Hardy was supposed star in Snow White and the Huntsman too but will have to drop out due to schedule conflict with The Dark Knight Rises. Ugh. The more I say it, the more I hate it.

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