Here are some ways an actor can make you hate him:

1.Be friends with Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton
2.Hang out with Kellan Lutz
3.Date a Kardashian
4.Join Twitter/Instagram

I actively avoid celebrity Twitter accounts. I actively avoid celebrities on social media. It’s too much fontrum. And they can’t help themselves with the retweeting of compliments and the exclamation points and the sharing of thoughts and bad grammar. Why are they killing their publicists? This is why publicists were invented: to maintain the illusion, to give us distance. You know what happens otherwise? I’m not going to tell you. I’m going to show you.

Tom Hardy just joined Twitter. This is his Twitter which several of you assholes sent over to me yesterday. I was balls deep in MTV coverage and rehearsals and probably would have missed it but you, you had to be dicks and now, now I can’t un-see it. I can’t un-see the video. Do you want to see the video? Fine. But I’m warning you, if you click, you’ll never get it back.