Yesterday the Mischievous Monkey killed my laptop and my productivity. I have a new laptop. But I’m still sorry. And I’d like to make it up to you. So I bought you something.

Tom Hardy was not at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon yesterday to no one’s surprise, really. While he and Leo are in the same movie, their approach to award season is totally different. Leo is practically proposing to Oscar. Tom hasn’t bothered to show up. Not sure what he was doing yesterday but on February 1 he was shooting Taboo in England, working a scene that required him to take his clothes off and walk around freely with his dick out.

Jacek is making me blur these shots because some of you are at work so I feel obliged to tell you that, unlike Justin Bieber, he’s not working with a semi in these pictures and is reassuring at least average in cold weather. JB had the advantage of swinging his sh-t around in tropical temperatures. 

Also I just want you to know that so far, today, I’ve spent money on two things: Beyonce tickets and Tom Hardy’s penis. Right now that’s the best sentence I’ve ever written.

UPDATE: Sorry gossips, we had to remove the NSFW shots due to some compliance requirements.