I am in a rage this morning. There is nothing more infuriating than waking up in a hotel room at 5am to sh-tty internet. Oh no, wait. I know what’s more infuriating. What’s more infuriating is calling the front desk and being told that, yeah, it’s normal, our internet service goes up and down all the time in the same tone of voice you might say good morning to someone. Opening an email right now is taking almost 30 seconds. Googling is even longer. And I fear playing a YouTube video might bring down the entire block.

By the way, this place is in Beverly Hills. They walk around dripping diamonds and Botox in Beverly Hills but apparently they can’t get their internet straight.

So my point is...

While this may set your day back, or even your week, considering what it was like the last time Tom Hardy nuzzled a puppy, I actually really needed this to level the situation. Tom Hardy and the puppy is like... Xanax. Is that the calming one? Or would that be Ativan? Or both? Would there be less housewife abuse of prescription drugs if they knew to hit up pictures of Tom Hardy and the puppy?

Avoid Maison 140.