Wonder if this is the Burberry suit for Tom Hardy that I was referring to yesterday. He presented at the Visual Effects Society Awards last night honouring Christopher Nolan and Inception. If I were him I’d keep it out of the reach of Lindsay Lohan, because if there was a way to steal it, that bitch probably would.

Tom’s “friend” Lilo apparently walked into a jewellery store the other day and a necklace went missing. A friend of hers has since returned it but charges may still be laid against her. This is, like, the fourth or fifth time that we know of that it’s been suggested that she takes off with things that don’t belong to her.
Of course Lilo being Lilo, it’s never her fault because this time it was the stylist who forgot to return it. At this point I’m f-cking Robert Pattinson is a more believable response (I’m a shameless traffic whore!).

Photos from Joe Scarnici/Gettyimages.com