Several cast members from The Dark Knight Rises were promoting the film today in London, photographed going in and out of The Dorchester. Anne Hathaway wore a pair of fitted trousers and great wedges with an easy casual jacket. I’ll post those photos in LifeStyle. Marion Cotillard was elegantly dressed in a black sweater, pink pants, and amazing heels. I’ll post those too. Morgan Freeman was in jeans and a dress shirt.

Tom Hardy?

Under Armour track pants and a free t-shirt. I know it’s a free t-shirt because it’s from the movie. They’ll produce a few thousand of these to give away at various events. This describes most of Hardy’s t-shirt collection. And his car too. Check him out getting into his Audi R8 Spyder after his interviews. Audi is his sponsor. It’s a safe assumption he didn’t have to pay for that beast himself, right? I’m not really a car person but that matte finish is sick. It’s really too bad people don’t learn how to drive stick anymore. There’s something super unsexy about a dude getting in a car like that and driving it automatic. Some of the car companies have started phasing out manual transmission. This, to me, is tragic.

Normally the studio will send a car to pick up the talent for work and press. If you were an actor, and you could get a ride and not have to drive yourself, would you? Or would you drive yourself in your own fancy car? Me I hate driving. I’d much rather be in the passenger seat clacking away on my blackberry. So if there’s someone around to do the driving for me, I will always take that option.