At the Glamour Awards last night in England. This one is for Sarah from Cinesnark who remains devotedly in Tom Hiddleston's favour, despite the emoticon and exclamation point abuse on his Twitter. I was too fickle to maintain my brief crush. Having said that, I can, with detached observation, concede how he might have a certain appeal. Kinda like Landry Clarke, only taller and with better clothes.

But this is really just an excuse to talk about another British Tom, of the Hardy variety, my current #1, and he's now made it past the 10 day mark. In 10 days, after seeing Lawless and interviewing him in Cannes and googling the sh-t out of him, I still haven't found something to fixate on to the point of gradual hate. My Summer Crush on Tom Hardy might actually last the entire summer. Please Tom Hardy, please don't join Twitter.