Tom Hiddleston in London at The Avengers premiere last night, a better tux than the suit in Russia but still...I think I prefer him in casuals. And, obviously, in person. Or even wearing Loki’s clothes. There’s a scene in the movie when Loki walks through a fancy dress party ball, down a beautiful staircase, and I promise you, for those of you who are a little bit Hiddleston fanatical, you may have to be carried out after watching him strut-glide through that part.

But have you read his article in The Guardian?

Here’s the God of Nerds, defending Nerd Cinema, arguing on behalf of its moral and artistic merit. Even a Cambridge man can get carried away with the alliteration. But it’s always a good read when it’s passionate and it’s real and he doesn’t give a sh-t if he sounds like a nerd. This is the problem with the Artist James Franco’s writing. There’s never anything he’s willing to be nerdy about.

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to read Hiddleston’s piece in The Guardian. Why is he trying to make contact with Chris Hemsworth’s baby?