Tom Hiddleston has made it to the final of GQ’s Most Stylish Man 2016 Showdown. Whatever. I like playing these stupid games. But… HIM??? To get to the finals, Tom took out Tom Hardy, Jeff Goldblum, David Beckham, and Justin Theroux. The other finalist is Roger Federer. And the winner will be announced later today. But, come on now, in 2016, does Tom Hiddleston make it past David Beckham (!!!) if not for Taylor Swift. If he comes out on top, I hope she gets a thank you card. He’s currently well behind.

In other Tom news, here he is last night in London supporting Gemma Arterton after her performance in Saint Joan because, as you know, he’s such a theatre veteran and will happily throw down a few lines from King Lear for you before the appetiser arrives. Last week Tom was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for The Night Manager. Last week Tom was NOT nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for The Night Manager. I wonder if his fellow actors are judging him more harshly for that tank top than we thought they would. And if they are, well, they’re hypocrites. A year ago around this time Leonardo DiCaprio was romancing a digital bear to get his Oscar. At least Taylor’s a real person.