As we’ve seen the Swift Squad knows how to rally. In good times and bad times, Taylor accessorises with friendship. Her friends have become her armour. They also keep her newsworthy and they enhance her “fun” factor. Look! So many people want to hang out with her, she must be the best!

Now that Swoki has ended though, it’s not Taylor who’s giving us her friend face. At post time – and this could change by the minute because celebrities are best at tit-for-tat – it’s Tom Hiddleston who’s borrowing this move.

On Monday, the same day that the Daily Mail led with that report that Swoki was in crisis because Tom wanted Taylor to be with him at the Emmys, beating Taylor to the first move in their breakup rollout (see previous post for my analysis of how that went down), Tom accepted his TV Choice Award via video…with help from his friends Idris Elba and Chris Hemsworth. Taylor has supermodels on her side. Tom has superheroes on his side.

He lets them tease him. He’s good with them mocking him. He’s basically showing us here that he’s being overshadowed by two formidable stars …and he wants us to see, to know, that he’s OK with it. And all of that underscores the masterful play made in presenting himself to us as the famewhore who loved the spotlight he lived in when he was part of Swoki, as if to say, yeah, so I’m not Idris and I’m not a Hemsworth so I didn’t mind when people were paying attention to me as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend and if I say it before you do, I have the power.

OK Tom Hiddleston, I see you.