Radar Online came out with a story earlier this week about Daniel Craig being offered $150 million to reprise his role as James Bond and now that Swoki is dead, people are all like, oh Tom Hiddleston exited Swoki because he can’t use Taylor to be Bond anymore…


Please consider the source. And also please consider Drew McWeeny’s thorough analysis of the business of Bond and why this Radar report is full of ass because EON, which produces Bond, is still working out a distribution deal. Which means they are nowhere near making the next movie since they’re still lining up the money. If they’re still lining up the money, how the F-CK are they going to offer Daniel Craig $150 million of it?

As Drew points out though, that Radar headline was so delicious that it ran all over the place, even in legitimate outlets, like The Guardian, so everyone bought it as fact. It’s not fact. Which means it had nothing to do with why Swoki ended. Bond did not kill Swoki.