This is for those of you who have been emailing every day with Swoki worry, angsting about whether or not they’re still happily ever after. As mentioned yesterday and today, Tom Hiddleston is due in LA this week for Emmy campaigning. And here he is, arriving at LAX this morning.

Taylor Swift, however, was still in New York today, making the daily trip to the gym on her New York catwalk. OMG WHY ISN’T SHE THERE ALREADY? CAN’T THEY JUST FOLLOW EACH OTHER ON INSTAGRAM? Following each other on Instagram would buy us, maybe, three days of peace before the fretting begins again.

On the subject of his Instagram though, since he’s new to it, and since he’s eagerly earnest Tom Hiddleston, how obsessively do you think he checks his mentions?

Maria and I were messaging back and forth about his Instagram earlier today. She was wondering if RDJ’s cleared his Instagram welcome to Tom with Tom first. I told her I didn’t think so. Not only because RDJ doesn’t have to clear anything with Tom but also because if he did he’d have to suffer through a back and forth with Tom sending him various shots of himself in tuxedos and tailored suits. How about this one? Does it make me look Bond enough? Actually, that’s how I hope it went down. And RDJ just went and put up the Swoki Love tank top anyway.