Not quite the same as Tom Hardy and a puppy…but, again, my flavour is not your flavour. So Happy Christmas, Hiddle-Hards, here’s your man arriving at LAX yesterday wearing what looks to be the same hoodie he was wearing in a video that was circulating the other day of him singing in the studio with a dog on his lap.

Hiddleston has been in Nashville shooting the Hank Williams biopic and recording the soundtrack. Word is he’s completely immersed himself in the role. And is now so method that he walks around with a guitar. Is that an automatic hot for you? Celebrities who travel with guitars? Me, I’m neutral. The dog on the other hand is more likely to bring on the feels. And what I feel right now is that Mono, this dog, would rather be taking a nap somewhere else. It’s all in the body language. You want to talk acting? No actor is better than a dog’s ability to act: depressed (because you’re eating and they’re not), bored (because you don’t want to take them to the beach after dinner when it’s 80 below outside), insulted (when you leave them to go on holiday), and afraid (when you find your torn up shoe next to the couch after going to the movies).