On Saturday Swoki were seen out to dinner with some friends/associates in LA. Here’s someone at the restaurant, The Church Key who tweeted about it:


And a reader called A, who was also there that night, emailed me to say that Taylor and Tom were affectionate with each other and not total famewhores about it since there were no paps outside which means there will likely be no enter and exit photos from the outing.

Now? This is a new shot of Tom at LAX after leaving Taylor’s home and he’s not travelling light. Two pieces of baggage, which could simply amount to 20 identical gym outfits, but the point is, after spending practically two months together non-stop, Tom’s packed up a lot of sh-t. Which could mean that he’ll not be returning to LA for some time (until the Emmys) and will be working. Or he’s taking his gear back to London for a swap-out and will be back with fresh clothing. Or the tabloids will tell us Swoki had a MAJOR THROWDOWN and Tom storms out of Hollywood!

As if she would give them the satisfaction.

Also attached - Tom at the gym in LA over the weekend.