I meant to post these yesterday but wasn’t feeling great. This is Tom Hiddleston on Tuesday in Moscow at the Russian premiere of The Avengers. Like I said the other day, click here for a refresher, he really isn’t photogenic, I get it. If I had not interviewed him in person I wouldn’t know either. In two dimension, still photographs, it’s hard to appreciate. Also I’m not super excited about him a suit. He’s much better dressed down, I promise.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve learned this week: every actor has their crazy ass fans, including Tom Hiddleston. In fact they get straight up Twi-Hardy about him. Yes, I’ve seen the Miss Piggy video. But the entire Miss Piggy video is good, it’s really not just his part. Look at her face when Daniel Radcliffe asks what she thinks of his appearance. Kills me every time.