Tom Hiddleston, along with Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska, have been promoting Crimson Peak, opening wide this weekend. You know what’s/who’s missing from that equation?

Charlie Hunnam!

Charlie’s been in Belfast shooting The Lost City Of Z. You know what this means though? It means he doesn’t have to do any promotion until Knights Of The Round Table next year. That’s a long time. TOO LONG.

And that’s how a post about Tom Hiddleston gets jacked by Charlie Hunnan.

This is what I wanted to say about Tom: the first time I interviewed him (for The Avengers) he was in street clothes: dark jeans, black leather jacket. Hot. The second time I interviewed him, recently for TIFF, he was also in street clothes. I think I like him better in street clothes over a suit or tux, even though he has that lovely British accent and wears dress clothes well. Look at him here, just walking around in New York. He has a great body and a good gait. You can see it better when he’s casual. Compare that to him on the carpet last night at the Crimson Peak premiere. Right? You prefer the jeans, don’t you?