I f-cking love that this is how we determine celebrity relationship status these days. And it’s not new. Like not Instagram new. Because while I don’t use Facebook the status thing on Facebook has been an issue for years now, non? This seems very stressful for a single person, celebrity or civilian, all the pressure that social media can put on a relationship. I know people who have turned down second or third dates because the person didn’t watch their Snapchats!

Anyway, all that to say…

Tom Hiddleston is now following Taylor Swift on Instagram. At post time he follows 17 accounts. And that means everything is fine, OK? It’s fine.

Tom was Emmy campaigning yesterday in LA. He has several more interviews today, pushing hard for those votes before he has to get back to work on Thor 3 in Australia. As for Taylor, she told us via Instagram Stories on Thursday that she’s in Rhode Island with her family. They were gardening.

The message here then is that while the Swoki heart still beats, she hasn’t lost her head, and isn’t all about the cling. I’m not mad at that strategy.