As we enter our third week of Hiddlemas, celebrations move to America as the patron saint himself, Saint Tom the Huge Dork, has come to ring in the festivities by, what else, being a huge dork. But this time, he’s being a huge dork with kids, which is the most acceptable form of huge-dorkery.

Tom Hiddleston spent his Halloween not riding a great steed through the streets, wearing a cape and chucking apples at children while shouting Shakespeare at them, or whatever it is that fancy Englishmen do for Halloween (masquerade balls?), but instead appeared at a screening of Thor 2 in New York City benefitting children’s charities. When you play these kinds of characters, you have a responsibility to the little kids who love superheroes, and Hiddleston consistently delivers for the kids. Look at him being a big ole dork, and the kids eating it up. You know who else is good at that? RDJ. And Chris Pratt will be GREAT at it, when it’s his turn next year. Marvel makes a regular habit of doing charity events for kids, and they expect their stars to put on a good show. And Hiddles is certainly entertaining.

Take, for instance, The Dancing. You remember The Dancing, right? How could you forget! It’s an amazing piece of what-the-f*ckery, and it totally outed Hiddleston as a London club kid, which he has now confirmed. In an interview with The Scotsman, he said The Dancing is the result of his “misspent youth”. I would really like to know what in Tom Hiddleston’s world qualifies as “misspent”. Like, what’s the worst thing he’s ever done? Michael Fassbender has lately been outing himself as something of a dumb*ss prick, but the worst thing we’ve learned about Hiddleston in going on three years of knowing him as a celebrity is that he’s a dork. Since we’ve now solved the mystery of the yellow pants, I want to know what makes him think his youth was misspent.

Thor 2 opens in North America next weekend and Hiddleston kicked off the final week of Hiddlemas by appearing on Good Morning America. I doubt they asked about his misspent youth.