I don’t visit Tom Hiddleston’s Twitter anymore. It’s better this way. Click here if you’re new to this. Hiddleston hilariously posing inside a hula hoop with Grace Jones at an exclusive Wimbledon celebrity suite the other day is one thing. But his Twitter is the electronic manifestation of his smiling enthusiasm, you know? The problem is it just doesn’t translate quite as adorably through emoticons.

In photos though, well, he’s almost irresistible. And looks great in his suit. And appears to be reasonably athletic. I like the action ping-pong shots. It’s good timing too. England was despondent after their loss to the Azzurri on Sunday. It’s good that they have Wimbledon to focus on now. Can we just talk about Andy Carroll though? He played like sh-t but goddamn he has never looked better. Whoever was directing the telecast I was watching clearly agreed. Because they kept going to him like the game was being played on his face. Strangely, he’s actually not all that photogenic in stills, have you noticed? Much better in video.

PS. I would happily serve Grace Jones for the rest of my life.