If I asked you, before the Emmys, who’d be involved in an onstage “twirl” during the broadcast, who would you have a nominated. OF COURSE Tom Hiddleston. OF COURSE.

Twirling your presenting partner during a show is the equivalent of blowing a kiss to camera on the red carpet – it’s derivative, it’s contrived, and it’s obvious. It also has nothing to do with Taylor Swift. You’ll recall, this guy was dancing without much of an invitation even before he started dating her. And then at the MET Gala he dropped all his moves on her. And now, at the Emmys, he’s Fred Astair-ing his way to the microphone.

According to E! News, Tom and Priyanka kept up the twirling after the show, supposedly “flirting” at the party and exchanging numbers. So now there are rumours that the two are hooking up. Which is a nice diversion, isn’t it? Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t show up. Idris Elba didn’t show up. And they barely campaigned, unlike Tom who was hustling as hard as any nominee on the circuit. So… when he’s there, and they’re not, well…he looks a way, doesn’t he? A super thirsty way?

How fortuitous then that we are now talking about his player ways with another beautiful actress. These leaks aren’t coming from Taylor’s side anymore.