I’m going to follow up this post with one about Jake Gyllenhaal so please note that a comparison is coming. As we’ve seen, when Tom Hiddleston is promoting a movie, invited on talk shows, he’s the eager beaver…

He becomes an exclamation point.

Which I don’t want to judge harshly because trying is always better than not trying and caring is always better than not caring and being honest about trying and caring is always better than fronting like you don’t try and care when you do, ahem, Leonardo DiCaprio.

But we are humans and, therefore, we are assholes, and as soon as the words “too much” are added to trying and caring, well, we laugh and mock. And this is, sometimes, where we find Tom Hiddleston. He was on Kimmel last night for I Saw The Light (Sarah’s review of the film from TIFF is here) and yodelled. Not surprising. Because at this point it feels like he’s a performing monkey sometimes on these shows. If you ask him for an accent, he’ll do an accent. If you ask him for an imitation of Robert De Niro in the presence of Robert De Niro he’ll do an impression of Robert De Niro. If you ask him to yodel, by God, he will f-cking yodel.

And what if you ask him about James Bond? Because he’s already told you that he wants to be James Bond? Well, as Vox points out, his face will light up. He really, really wants to be James Bond:

Would James Bond be so obvious about wanting to be James Bond, though? James Bond is supposed to be cool, right? Nothing is more uncool than being perceived to be publicly lobbying to be James Bond. And I say this with affection. A lot of affection. I like Tom Hiddleston so much. And I just want him to know that he doesn’t have to keep asking me to. 

Attached – Tom and Elizabeth Olsen at the premiere last night.