According to very vague statements, The Night Manager, Tom Hiddleston’s humanitarian effort to cheer up aid workers in Africa, is maybe possibly being explored to potentially develop a second season. The companies behind the transporting experience that Tom Hiddleston graciously provided, AMC, BBC, and The Ink Factory, released a joint statement that they are in the “early stages” of development and “nothing is definite yet” and they have “nothing to announce”. So basically, they released a statement saying they had an idea.

Revisiting The Night Manager well is an obvious go because it racked up a bunch of awards and nominations and performed well for both the BBC and AMC. But there is a huge stumbling block in the way of a potential second season, and that is source author John le Carré, who is pretty strict about adaptations and doesn’t like characters going “off book”. The Night Manager has an ambiguous ending—as Hugh Laurie says, “You don’t see me die!”—but that’s not uncommon with le Carré and The Night Manager is a stand-alone novel, not part of a series. So to create a second season is to continue a story le Carré himself chose not to continue.

So how do they do it? How do they capitalize on the success of the mini-series, and still stay in le Carré’s good graces? It helps that the production company behind the show, The Ink Factory, is owned by le Carré’s sons. If ever there was a project where le Carré was likeliest to bend and let someone else use his characters in a wholly original way, this is probably it. But it still seems a long way off, and that brings up Hiddleston’s long-term availability. He’s busy and only getting busier. Even if they get a script together and get the blessing of le Carré and pull together the financing, they might still have to wait on Hiddleston to become available. So basically, there could maybe potentially be a second season of The Night Manager, but even if there is, we are a long way off from actually seeing it. (Lainey: Tom can still TALK about it though. And, as we know, he’s so good at the talking.)


Attached - Tom at the LA premiere of Kong: Skull Island last night.