Apparently the internet jizzed all over itself last night over a scene in The Night Manager featuring Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Debicki doing it against a wall. It was his bare ass. And Twitter, in particular, got soaked.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Please note this is NSFW and mind your children.

Did that work for you? It worked for me. But not because of his ass. A lot of it has to do with the audio, doesn’t it? Watch it again on mute. Not the same, is it? The heavy breathing is how you know that these two characters are super horny for each other. Without it, it’s just two people banging against a wall, whatever.

That’s the thing about arousal. It’s more than just the visual of a body part. And it certainly has to be more than just wall f-cking because, frankly, I wonder if it’s just a movie thing. It’s a good look in a movie. But I’ve never enjoyed it in real life. At least not for more than 5 seconds. There’s no stability! To be fair, I’ve never f-cked Dwayne the Rock Johnson, but I’m also not very tall. And wrapping your legs around and holding them there while moving… I’m just saying it takes a lot of work and potential cramping. Very rarely does it look as pretty as Tom Hiddleston is making it look. Please, if you’ve had a different experience on the wall, do let me know, in detail. I’m a perv like that.