Check out Tom Hiddleston at the GQ Men of the Year Awards last night in London. He looks GREAT. And you know what? Since I have been actively avoiding Tom’s Twitter account, and therefore spared from his exclamation points, Tom’s been holding steady lately, even higher than Tom Hardy. Then I watched this interview. SURGE!

It turns out, Tom Hiddleston has GREAT taste in men.

When asked about his Man Crush, Tom’s answer:

Chiwetel Ejiofor, who, if reaction out of the Telluride Film Festival is any indication – Twelve Years A Slave screened there last weekend – will be nominated for Best Actor, and just might win.

Then, later, when asked about the Man of the Year, Hiddleston nominated:

Idris Elba

He singled out Elba’s work in Pacific Rim. Picture Loki in a movie theatre watching Pacific Rim. It’s delightful, non?

All three of them – Ejiofor, Elba, and Hiddleston – will be at TIFF this weekend. If I see all three of them huddled at a party, I might not ever come back.