Tom Sturridge celebrated his birthday last night at a pub in Notting Hill. At least that’s what the paps are saying. Sturridge’s official birthday is December 21. Maybe they decided to do it early because Christmas dominates around that time? Do you have a birthday that has to compete with Christmas? What’s that like? Is it advantageous or not?

Sturridge’s friend Robert Pattinson was in town for the party. He, Sturridge, and Sienna Miller were seen leaving together at the end of the night. London > Los Angeles, I keep saying. There are the British stars who head straight home to England if they don’t have to be in LA (hi Carey Mulligan, my favourite), and then there are those who prefer Hollywood. And lately Pattinson seems to prefer Hollywood, all that love drama in Hollywood. Sienna has less love drama than Robert Pattinson these days, can you believe it?