As much as the f&cker freaks me out, I cannot say - at least from a purely observational point of view - that he"s lacking as a parent. Minus the Scientology doctrination of course. In terms of support and encouragement, I don"t think anyone has been critical of his paternal resume. Let"s not even bother debating what the hell Nicole"s been doing. So here"s Tom in Europe with Isabella, reportedly doing a tour of Paris with both his children during MI:3 press, perhaps to give them a little attention since Little Sci has invaded everyone"s space. Gotta tell you gossips, maybe I"m going soft, but I think it"s sweet. Having been a daddy"s girl all my life, I get a little teary under such circumstances. Sorry. Forgive my weakness just this once, will you? I"ll go back to being a raging bitch now. Photo from JustJared