Photos from PopSugar. Despite what you may be hearing from low level gossip rags, there is no break up in sight. They will have this child, they will promote MI:3, they will get married, and they will continue forcing their love in our faces until we capitulate, until we become so numb, we actually begin to believe it. According to my sources, rumours of a massive argument last week were greatly exaggerated. In reality, the tension between the two can be attributed simply to Katie"s anxiety about childbirth and the arrival of the baby. It"s also not helping that Tom"s Scientological approach to supporting her has been reportedly less than sympathetic. And since Katie"s friends and family have been pretty much pushed to the outskirts, isolation hasn"t exactly been easy. The good news is she"s due in about 10 days. The bad news is that I hear Tom wants her and the baby to accompany him on his junket tour which means breastfeeding Little Sci on the fly - as if being a new mother isn"t hard enough. Does she deserve your sympathy? I suppose. But what do expect when you make a deal with the Gay Midget Devil Dwarf?