What do you call releasing a photo of your kiss at the altar to Good Morning America??? And there are STILL people who don’t think this was a mediaf*ck??? PLEASE!!! Check it out – Katie’s scalloped sleeves lunging in for a snog, Tom bracing himself for the icky, Suri held by someone on his side of the aisle, and Goddess knows I’ve tried for 15 minutes and I can’t find Posh’s massive hat! Because really, gossips…isn’t that the priority here? Let’s recap, shall we: - we knew the exact date of the wedding - we knew the exact location of the wedding - we knew the guest list - we know what they wore, what they ate, where they stayed, what was in their vows, where they’re going on honeymoon… And now… We have a photo of their wedding kiss. But according to People Magazine and the MiniVan Majority – these two are really, really, really in love! One word. ROSSUM! Source via Source