Speaking of frauds, here are Tom and Katie via JustJared spending a few days in Tahiti with his children Connor and Isabelle. Now I"m as much of a conspiracy lover as the next dirty smutter but let"s put aside those ridiculous accusations that Katie"s bump is a prosthetic, shall we? She is pregnant, ya"ll. Very pregnant. She might not be pregnant with HIS alien, per se, but as frightening as this may be for you, there IS a baby in there. As for those split reports? Told you before and I"ll tell you again. Life & Style is ghetto gossip, y"all. These two are hypnotically solid and there is nothing coming between them for at least another 9 months to a year. Focus instead on why he"s keeping her away from the States and her own family despite the fact that she is 8 months pregnant. Focus instead on whether or not she"s even going to be delivering this kid in America. Focus instead on how they will choreograph this birth and the announcement for maximum coverage. Nevermind the breakup rumours, gossips. We have more important mysteries to uncover.