Gloat ahead. Skip the next if you can"t handle. In our world of gossip saturation, it can be a challenge to distinguish between the cream and the crap - especially when it comes to the weeklies. What you prefer is your business, but I would caution against putting too much stock on the consistently erroneous reports of several lower tier rags. Especially Life & Style. As you recall, on the heels of the Electra/Navarro split announcement last week, it was widely reported that Dave has already been shacking up with some new flooze for the better part of the last five months. Contrary to these rumours, I posted an alternative angle from sources who vehemently refuted the story, indicating that Dave fought for Carmen til the end, that there was no one else in his life. As a result of the endless speculation, the latest being that she hooked up with Jamie Foxx over the weekend, Carmen has finally broken her silence to set a few things straight. Interestingly enough though, the way Carmen chose to debunk the Foxx sighting was by explaining that she didn"t even go out on the night in question and not only was she not out, she was actually at home…with Dave. Turns out they are still separating but also still living together even though he"s yet to take off his ring. Needless to say - any talk of a 3rd party has now been laughed off. Knowing Life & Style Weekly however, they"ll probably report next week that the two are saving their marriage by gettin" it on 4 way with the mistress and an occasional dose of Tommy Lee. Remember the tabloid ranking y"all. US Weekly is your bible.